Our transport potential consists of:

  • 38 modern MAN TGA and TGX truck-tractors
  • 24 canvas cover semi-trailers with the interior height of 2.8 m with EN 12642 XL Certificate
  • 12 container semi-trailers with those for carriage of containers 20', 2x20', 30', 45' and HIGH-CUBE types
  • permissions to transport dangerous loadings ADR - (without classes 1 and 7)
  • all vehicles are monitored by the GPS system
  • civil responsibility insurance of the carrier of 1 000 000 EUR

We are specializing in the universal semi-trailers transport in the territory of the EU in particular in Spain, Germany and Italy.

In the area of container transport we service the harbors in Hamburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven with a full harbour forwarding.

The permanent executive staff alongside with highly-skilled drivers guarantee that cargo entrusted with us will be delivere on time and safe and soun to its destination.

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